Current customers may login here to view your facilities online and in real-time. Customers may login on your computer, smartphone, or iPad. You will have access to all of the inspection reports with photos that Hi-Tech Systems has performed for you. From this login, you will also be able to dispatch our qualified technicians to make repairs, or re-roof, per our recommendations. All reports are customizable and will export to Excel.

Electrical burns on PVC commercial roof


One of the most valuable components of the Facility View program is the disaster repair response plan for your commercial roof. You should not deal with the frustration of finding out who to call to get issues resolved when disaster strikes your commercial roof and you need a repair. Our system provides the pre-planned response that will minimize your organization’s downtime, while maximizing our pre-collected data to help you make quick effective decisions.

The services below are included in your Facility View plan:

  • 2-4 Hour Emergency Repair Response upon verbal notification of disaster
  • Performing temporary repair and disaster response contracting services
  • Setting Insurance Reserve Amount
  • Negotiation and Settlement of Insurance Claim​

Hi Tech Systems has partnered with Facility Control Services to develop a commercial roof management program that benefits building owners, facility managers, and corporate executives. Our Facility View program provides our clients with the data and communication they need to make necessary and successful emergency repair responses, preventive maintenance planning, and capital planning decisions for their commercial roof. This program allows a user friendly approach to maintaining multiple facilities, scheduling repairs, logging repair history and maintaining regular maintenance to extend the life of the commercial roof. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust through our Facility View program!

Disaster Response

Hail damage on TPO commercial roof

The Facility View program enables our clients to make important decisions that reduce the yearly life-cycle cost of their commercial roof inventories and repairs. The 2 key components of beginning this process are: 1. Signing up for the system, which includes all of the services below; 2. Utilizing the data that the system yields such as work order repair history, preventive maintenance budgeting, scheduled re-inspections, and capital planning.

  • Set up of all sites by roof area:
  1. Roof Drawing(s)
  2. Composition Cuts
  3. Observations
  4. Deficiencies
  5. Recommendations
  6. Grade
  • Integration of existing roofing documents into Customer Portal
  • Online Access for up to 5 users
  • Training and Ongoing Service Support


About Facility View

Commercial Roof Services

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  • Service dispatch & timely response to repair all roof leaks at a fixed hourly rate 
  • Online tracking of service dispatches and work order repair history
  • Bi-Annual commercial Roof Inspections
  • Establish following year’s expense repair budget
  • Establish Capital Planning Budget
  • Establish Total Roof Asset Value

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